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Image of business cards for Ebor Solar
Ebor Solar Business Cards & Flyers

Meet Ebor Solar, the radiant brand that found its design sunshine with Iris Graphics! Our journey with Ebor Solar began when they discovered us online, seeking a design partner to illuminate their marketing materials.

How It All Started: A Digital Discovery

The owner of Ebor Solar stumbled upon our online presence and felt an instant connection. They were on a quest for a design team that could capture the essence of their eco-friendly mission and translate it into eye-catching business cards and flyers.

Designing Brilliance: From Concept to Print

At Iris Graphics, we took Ebor Solar’s vision to heart. Inspired by their commitment to sustainable energy, we crafted bespoke business cards and flyers that mirrored their brand ethos.

The Result: A Solar-Powered Partnership

Ebor Solar’s satisfaction with our initial collaboration was the shining light that brought them back for more. The designed business cards and flyers not only reflected their brand vibrancy but also became powerful tools for spreading the word about their eco-friendly initiatives.

Image of DL flyers for Ebor Solar

Why Choose Iris Graphics?

Our design philosophy revolves around turning visions into visual masterpieces that resonate with your audience. Ebor Solar’s return as a customer is a testament to our commitment to delivering designs that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Ready to Illuminate Your Brand? Let’s Talk!

If you’re on the lookout for a design partner that understands your brand’s unique brilliance, Iris Graphics is here to make your vision come to life. Explore our portfolio for more illuminating designs, and let’s discuss how we can brighten your brand together.

Thank you, Ebor Solar, for choosing Iris Graphics as your creative sunshine. We look forward to many more sunny collaborations!

a collage of images showing the installation of branded vehicle graphics and reflective chapter9
Vehicle Graphics and Chapter 8 Reflective

When the road becomes your canvas we are excited to work with our customers to  install captivating vehicle graphics, including cutting-edge Chapter 8 reflective elements, like we did for Blazefield Caravans.

Client: Blazefield Caravans

As enthusiasts of the open road, Blazefield Caravans sought to transform their fleet into rolling statements of their signature style. Iris Graphics embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, bringing innovation and safety to the forefront.

Design Evolution: Dynamic Vehicle Graphics

Our design journey began with a deep dive into Blazefield Caravans’ brand identity. We conceptualized vehicle graphics that not only showcase their professionalism but also amplify their presence on the road. Incorporating Chapter 8 reflective elements ensures safety and visibility in all conditions.

Chapter 8 Reflective: Safety in Style

Safety is paramount, and our installation includes cutting-edge Chapter 8 reflective elements, enhancing visibility during day and night. Blazefield Caravans now rides with a blend of style and safety, setting a new standard for on-the-road aesthetics.

Craftsmanship Unleashed: Iris Graphics Signature Touch

Iris Graphics prides itself on meticulous craftsmanship. From concept to installation, our team ensures that each vehicle becomes a unique representation of the Blazefield Caravans brand, making a lasting impression wherever the journey takes them.

Why Iris Graphics?

Choose Iris Graphics for a partnership that values creativity, safety, and excellence. Our commitment to turning your vision into a visual masterpiece is unwavering.

Ready to Roll in Style and Safety? Let’s Talk!

If you’re ready to elevate your brand on the road, Iris Graphics is here to turn your vehicles into eye-catching canvases. Explore our portfolio for more inspiration, and let’s discuss how we can make your fleet stand out with style and safety.

Thank you for considering Iris Graphics as your on-the-road visual storytelling partner. We look forward to the opportunity to transform your vehicles into rolling works of art.

Acrylic sign with the logo of King's Charles III coronation with blue, red and white flowers around it.
Acrylic Sign

We’re delighted to present our  the acrylic sign designed for Brandley’s of York, to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

Client: Brandley’s of York

When Brandley’s of York envisioned a regal theme for their establishment, we at Iris Graphics seized the opportunity to craft a sign that not only captured the essence of King Charles III’s coronation but also embodied the elegance and charm of York.

Design Vision: A Royal Tribute in Acrylic

Our design journey began with a deep dive into the historical and regal aesthetics of King Charles III’s coronation. Infusing elements of grandeur, we meticulously designed an acrylic sign that reflects the majesty of the occasion while staying true to the unique identity of Brandley’s of York.

Thematic Brilliance: Crafting a Visual Symphony

The acrylic sign, adorned with regal hues and intricate detailing, stands as a visual symphony paying homage to the coronation theme. Every element, from the font choice to the embellishments, resonates with a sense of royalty, inviting patrons into a world of refined elegance.

image of the interior of Harrowell's Solicitors reception area.
Transforming Tradition with Flat Cut Acrylic Letters and Wrap


We’re excited to unveil our transformational project at Harrowell’s Solicitors, where we infused a touch of modernity into their reception space, using architectural material and flat cut acrylic letters.

Client: Harrowell’s Solicitors

When Harrowell’s Solicitors entrusted us with reimagining their reception, we saw an opportunity to blend contemporary design with their esteemed legal legacy.

Design Evolution: From Traditional to Modern

Our journey began with the vision of creating a modern reception that would set the tone for Harrowell’s Solicitors’ forward-thinking approach. We chose a sleek, matt grey architectural material to wrap the desk, creating an instantly sophisticated and modern ambiance.

Brand Integration: Elevating with Acrylic Letters

To maintain brand identity, we meticulously installed flat cut acrylic letters, showcasing the Harrowell’s Solicitors logo in their distinctive brand colours. This integration not only reflects professionalism but also establishes a cohesive visual narrative throughout the reception space.

Aesthetic Harmony: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The juxtaposition of modern elements against the traditional backdrop creates a seamless blend of aesthetics. The result is a reception area that not only welcomes clients with a sense of modern elegance but also pays homage to Harrowell’s Solicitors’ rich legacy.

Image of a Greek street food trailer wrapped in light blue with figures from Greek Mythology.
Greek Street Food Trailer


We’re thrilled to showcase this project, the design and delivery of captivating signage that wrapped a Greek Street Food Trailer. Inspired by Greek Mythology and featuring the illustrious figures of Zeus and Demetra, our design transforms this culinary haven into a mythically enchanting experience.

Client: Ambrosia

When our friends at Ambrosia approached us, their passion for delivering authentic Greek street food was palpable. We saw an opportunity to not just create signage but to infuse the spirit of Greek mythology into every inch of their mobile culinary venture.

Design Elegance: Embracing Greek Mythology

Our design journey took us into the realm of Greek mythology, where the mighty Zeus and nurturing Demetra took center stage. These illustrated deities, set against a soothing light blue backdrop, seamlessly blend authenticity with a touch of the divine. The colour scheme not only mirrors the Greek aesthetic but also evokes a sense of freshness and culinary delight.

Mythical Signage: Telling a Culinary Tale

As you feast your eyes on the Greek Street Food Trailer, you’ll embark on a visual journey through the rich stories of Zeus and Demetra. The signage not only serves as a beacon for delicious offerings but also invites customers to experience the magic of Greek culture through vibrant illustrations and a thoughtfully curated colour palette.

Image of a silver Renault Traffic and a Vauxall Vivaro with branded vehicle graphics
Vehicle Graphics: J. Lister Electrical

We’re thrilled to showcase our collaboration with J. Lister Electrical, where we designed and installed vehicle graphics for two vans—one sleek silver, the other a sophisticated grey.

Client: J. Lister Electrical

At Iris Graphics, we understand that your vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation; they’re mobile billboards for your brand. When J. Lister Electrical approached us, they were looking to make a statement on the road, and we were ready to turn their vision into reality.

Designing for Impact: Silver and Grey Elegance

Our team dived into the project, considering the unique identity of J. Lister Electrical and the aesthetics of their silver and grey vans. The result? Striking vehicle graphics that seamlessly blend professionalism with visual appeal.

Crafting a Mobile Brand Story: On-the-Road Recognition

The silver and grey vans now serve as rolling ambassadors for J. Lister Electrical, featuring graphics that communicate expertise and reliability. With a focus on clear branding and impactful visuals to match the rest of their fleet, Iris Graphics has transformed these vans into on-the-go marketing assets, amplifying brand recognition in every journey.


Image of vehicle graphics for Pocklington Carpets
Vehicle Graphics: Pocklington Carpets

We are delighted to showcase a project close to our hearts—the vibrant vehicle graphics we designed and expertly installed for Pocklington Carpets.

Client: Pocklington Carpets

At Iris Graphics, we understand that every business has its unique identity. When Pocklington Carpets approached us, they were looking for a visually captivating way to bring their brand to life. Enter the dynamic world of cut-out vinyls and the adorable mascots, two charming sheep that embody the spirit of Pocklington Carpets.

Designing with Precision: The Art of Cut-Out Vinyls

Our design journey began with a deep dive into Pocklington Carpets’ brand ethos. Inspired by their commitment to quality and warmth, we conceptualized a design that would not only showcase their logo but also incorporate the endearing sheep mascots. Cut-out vinyls emerged as the perfect medium to capture the essence of the brand with precision and playfulness.

Crafting a Visual Story: The Sheep Mascots Take Center Stage

The two sheep mascots, meticulously crafted in vinyl, now grace the exterior of Pocklington Carpets, creating a whimsical and inviting atmosphere. These charming characters not only reflect the brand’s personality but also serve as a welcoming beacon to customers old and new.

Image of vehicle graphics for Pocklington Carpets

Image of signage for Minster Vets
Minster Vets Signage


We are excited to spotlight a project that holds a special place in our hearts—the signage we designed and installed for Minster Vets.

At Iris Graphics, we believe in the power of visual communication to enhance brand identity. When Minster Vets approached us, we were not just creating a sign; we were crafting a visual representation of their commitment to the well-being of our furry friends.

The Vision: A Welcoming Presence

Minster Vets wanted a sign that would not only reflect their professionalism but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their clients—both the two-legged and four-legged kind.

Design Process: 

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We worked closely with Minster Vets to understand their brand, values, and aspirations. Inspired by their commitment to compassionate care, we curated a design that harmonized with their identity.

Installation Day: Making a Mark in the Community

Seeing our designs come to life is always a thrilling experience. The day we installed Minster Vets’ new signage was a testament to the impact a well-crafted sign can have on the physical space. The vibrant colours, the clear branding, and the overall aesthetic created a focal point that instantly communicated Minster Vets’ dedication to the well-being of animals.

Thank you for considering Iris Graphics as your visual storytelling partner. We look forward to the opportunity to create something extraordinary together.

Ford Fiesta Vehicle Graphics for York Elevator Services
York Elevator Services Vehicle Graphics

Elevate Your Brand with Striking New Vehicle Graphics.

We are thrilled to unveil the latest vehicle graphics we had the pleasure of designing for York Elevator Services! At Iris Graphics, we take pride in bringing brands to life through visually captivating designs. This project was no exception.

A Fresh Look for a Leading Elevator Service Provider

In collaboration with York Elevator Services, we embarked on a journey to refresh their image to align with their evolving brand identity. As part of their rebranding initiative, they introduced a contemporary logo that seamlessly blends their signature green and blue branding colours. We at Iris Graphics took this vibrant new palette and translated it into dynamic vehicle graphics that truly stand out on the road.

Captivating Contemporary Design

The new vehicle graphics feature a sleek and modern design that not only complements York Elevator Services’ commitment to excellence but also captures the essence of their professional and innovative approach. The bold use of their brand colours, green and blue, creates a visually striking effect that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters their fleet.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and we are proud to have played a role in enhancing the visual identity of York Elevator Services. We believe that these new vehicle graphics will not only catch the eye but also communicate the professionalism and reliability that York Elevator Services is known for.

Contact Us for Your Graphic Design Needs

Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand or create eye-catching graphics for your vehicles, Iris Graphics is here to bring your vision to life. We invite you to reach out to discuss your graphic design needs and discover how we can help you make a lasting impression in your industry.

Thank you York Elevator Services for choosing Iris Graphics for this exciting project. We look forward to continuing our partnership and helping your brand shine!

Picture of white van. Branded vehicle graphics for York Elevator Services.

Colorful foam board sign featuring graphics and enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of a bowling alley.
Hollywood Bowl:

At Iris Graphics, we take pride in turning creative visions into stunning realities. Our project involving the application of self-adhesive vinyl on foam board exemplifies our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. This transformative design showcases our technical expertise. Also highlights the versatility of materials in creating impactful visual experiences.

The Challenge:
Our client approached us with a unique challenge – they wanted a visually striking yet cost-effective solution to allow their customers order their food online, while they are enjoying bowling.
Traditional signage didn’t quite capture the essence of their brand. Tthey were looking for a solution that could be easily installed and removed without compromising on quality.

Our Solution: Self-Adhesive Vinyl on Foam Board
After careful consideration, we proposed the use of self-adhesive vinyl on foam board.
This combination provided the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.
The foam board offered a lightweight and easy-to-handle substrate, while the self-adhesive vinyl allowed for vibrant and high-resolution graphics.

The Process: We ensured that the foam board surface was clean and smooth, providing an ideal canvas for the application of self-adhesive vinyl.
Our design team collaborated closely with the client to create a visually stunning graphic that effectively conveyed the brand message. The high-quality printing process ensured sharp and vibrant colors.
Precise Application: Our experienced installation team meticulously applied the self-adhesive vinyl to the foam board, ensuring a seamless and bubble-free finish.
Quality Assurance: Before finalizing the project, we conducted thorough quality checks to guarantee the longevity and visual impact of the installation.

Result: A Visual Masterpiece!
The final product exceeded the client’s expectations. The self-adhesive vinyl on foam board not only met the practical requirements of easy installation and removal but also delivered a visually captivating display that drew attention and left a lasting impression on exhibition attendees.

At Iris Graphics, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design and material usage to deliver exceptional results. The self-adhesive vinyl on foam board project stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction. If you’re looking for a creative and cost-effective solution for your visual communication needs, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality.

Explore our portfolio for more examples of our creative projects or contact us to discuss your next design challenge.