Flat cut & Build up Letters

Flat Cut Letters

Flat Cut Sign Letters either stand alone located to a wall offer a bespoke albeit budget alternative to built up letters but can additionally give the Panel or Tray signage systems an added dimension and are mostly suitable for use internally or externally

We take your logo, typeface and graphics and cut them to any size in a wide range of materials; aluminium, acrylic, foamex, MDF and other substrates.

Key Information

  • Aluminium – Fabricated from either 1.6, 2.65, 5 or 10mm aluminium, letters can be powder or wet coated to suit your requirement.
  • Composite – Eleven colour options all 3mm in thickness, composite has the added benefit of being lightweight and proportionally cheaper than Aluminium.
  • Acrylic – Ten different colour options including at least two options of either 3mm or 5mm material.
  • Foamboard – Nine colour variations in 5mm or additionally 3 or 10mm in White.

Display Types

Build up Letters

Bespoke built up letters have become a staple of the industry and offer the customer something a little more bespoke than other sign systems on offer.

Key Variations

  • Channel Letter Signs – Machine formed walls at standard depths of; 67, 125 & 194mm available from stock in 21 different finishes in conjunction with 14 different plastic letter trims.
  • Built Up Letters – offer a bespoke built up letter service manufacturing in aluminium. Letters can be powder or wet coated to suit your requirement. Suitable for manufacture either face or halo LED illuminated.

Key Variations

All pricing is bespoke, so our advice, send in your artwork, or images and for more information contact us.